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Finding this blog has just put me in a very good mood :)

:) glad you like it!

Here’s a clip of our new song. (x)

Anonymous asks;
'and in that moment, i swear we were all fraser' that's ben

fraser’s the other person who was talking, i figured everyone wanted to hug ben during that bit

and in that moment, i swear we were all fraser

'And I kind of, from then on, I actually learnt to play the guitar, and it was all I wanted to do really, since then.'

Anonymous asks;
could you link the video that your new gifs are from? x

pleaaaase check the tags next time but here

Anonymous asks;
can you recommend other young guns blogs please? c: x

uhhh i actually don’t know of very many besides youngunsx (which is amazing), sorry :( do feel free to reply to this or send an ask if anyone runs one, though, and i’ll publish it :)